Thursday, January 22, 2009

CC: Fait Ave & Fagley St

We've had a few cold and breezy days here in Charm City lately, and I feel that this has only helped our BIT cause. Even though it's still cold on this day, it was only near freezing... much better than the last week or so. This neighborly neighbor looks to be on neighborhood watch. Quietly watching over Brewer's Hill, he's looking out for potential danger. Thanks, man.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

CC: Fait Ave

I could hardly believe my luck when I turned onto Fait Ave on this day. Bags, bags everywhere! There were so many, in fact, that I thought it more appropriate to post them as a group rather than individually - they deserve group credit. Covering multiple colors and styles, these bags are as multi-cultural as our fine city - a true representation of Baltimore's melting pot.

CC: 600 Block of Conkling Ave.

We know the staff at Bags in Trees has been MIA lately, but one of us got married (not this one) and one of us can't find any spare time (that's me). Our apologies. We (I) can't promise regularity, but we're (I'm) up for trying to keep this site going as much as possible. Submissions not only welcome, but needed.

This low-flying lady is hanging out near one of Canton's main thruways - Conkling Avenue. Hidden behind a street sign, she was a lucky find. And we're glad to give her her few minutes in the sun limelight.