Wednesday, April 11, 2007

CC: Fagley St & Foster Ave

The staff at Bags in Trees are rule followers. We like rules, standard operating procedures and clear outcomes. Typically, I would shrug off any attempt to distract us from our singular vision to bring you images of bags in trees, but today's bag was too beautiful to keep to ourselves. It is clearly not a bag in a tree, but rather a bag in a power line.

Because our subjects are the bags themselves, I feel that we have crossed into a gray area of sorts which allows me to share this find. For not only do I have a photo of this phenomenon, but also a video.

Likely due to an unappreciative neighbor (or BG&E), this bag is no longer available to be seen in person.


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous *D* said...

I can't believe I watched the whole 53 second video. At least you could have made it a full minute! Now I have to find something else to waste on the last 7 seconds of that minute.


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