Monday, September 18, 2006

S Ellwood Ave & Fait Ave

It's Monday and CC and I are double-bagging it. But "double" is a bit of an understatement—this is a triple threat. I was awestruck when I spotted this truly amazing occurrence while driving north on Ellwood. I pulled off to the side immediately and ran out of the car with camera in hand. This is the exchange between myself and a woman, who lives on Ellwood:

Upon seeing me in the middle of the street taking photos...
A Woman on Ellwood: Are you taking a picture to show that there's no parking on this street?
Brian: No, I'm taking a picture of those bags in the trees?
AWE: What?!
B: The bags in the trees. The plastic fruit.
AWE: You're kidding.
B: No, I'm not.
AWE: I always try to get them out, but I can't ever find a pole long enough to reach them.
B (with astonishment): Why would you do that? They're beautiful!
AWE gives me a look of disbelief.
B: I have a website called that features photos of bags in trees in Baltimore.
AWE: (blank stare)
B: You should check it out!
AWE: So you go around and take pictures of bags in trees?
B: Yes. Actually, I've got a whole crew.
AWE: (shakes head)

Join the team! And leave Baltimoreans awestruck!


At 1:21 PM, Blogger verity said...

Wow...that's like one of those moments where all the planets allign! I'm jealous of the triple shot!!


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